Surface Reconstruction From Contour Data

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This webpage is currently under construction and will see major improvements in May.

I wrote this software for a college research project for 3-D modeling, translation, and deformation of the human prostate for cancer research.  My hopes are that this tool with some further developement will become useful for not only oncologists, but for other areas of medical study and cancer research.

This program written in C/C++ will construct a triangluated surface from a set a 3d contour points using the OpenGL API, GLUT, and GLUI libraries.  It will also perform Euclidean transformations and rotations and deformation modeling based on marker movements.  It should be very useful for those in the medical and academic community as a tool to visualize anatomy via MRI/CT data.  The sample files included in the first beta release will contain contour data from a human prostate gland.

Coming Soon!
The first alpha-release of srfcd should be on the downloads page by the end of the second week in April. This functional version will include a sample text file with  contour points from a human prostate. At this time, CVS will be updated to also include this code and encourage community involvement.   Please contact me if your interested in CVS write access.
The current TODO list includes gargabe collection, code streamlining, improved deformation modeling, file handling and improved user interface. 
Developers Wanted!!
If you are interested in contributing to this code-base please send an email to with title "developers wanted". Please state what areas you would be willing to contribute to.